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Hazed Cover.jpg

When addiction and obsession are confused with love, life becomes hazed.


Being the preacher’s daughter was never easy. With all eyes on you, you can’t be whom you want to be, only who you are expected to be. Taylor Thompson’s father never let her forget it.


But the day her acceptance letter to college arrives, everything changes. Taylor is given her life back, but it isn’t going to be easy.


Now free of her father’s control and a freshman on campus, Taylor has to figure out how to make life work on her own. Getting her very first job at a local bar near campus ends up being her first mistake because the bartender just might ruin her.


Hayze Clark is the hottie bartender, and her roommate’s brother, that catches Taylor’s attention from the first day at her new job. He’s broody and rough and everything Taylor wasn’t use to. That was only half the appeal, He showed her just how much she had been missing out on. At least the parts that he allowed her to see. She knows Hayze is hiding something and the closer Taylor gets to him the more she unravels.


Secrets are revealed, lies are told, and lives are ruined.

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