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My favorite books of 2020!

I go through weird moods where I watch Netflix and I won’t read and then I reverse that. Right now I’m obsessed with reading!

Buttttttt I’m not going into a long introduction like when you click on a recipe and Brenda tells you the story of waking up on Christmas morning at 8 years old. Just give me the cheese dip recipe, Brenda.

(laugh at my jokes)

Instead I’m going to give you my top favorite reads this year because the perfect time of year to read is now. So grab your snuggly blanket, sit by your Christmas tree, and pull out that kindle.

  1. The Hunted Series. Sweet baby Jesus. I had no idea I needed to read a series about a professor and student, but I’m feeling the need to re-enroll in college.

  2. Verity. Omg. That ending. I’m still shook. Did she or didn’t she?

  3. Lord of londontown. If you love dark romances, stop what you’re doing and go download this.

  4. The Fallen Crest Series. I’ve just started devouring it. But swoon. Over every single character in this series. Mason and Sam. That is all.

  5. when shadows follow. This is another series that you’ll fall for every character. Jesse and Fallon and Cason all have my heart.

  6. Background Noise. Shameless plug here, but if you don’t Liam and Autumn, we need to have a talk.

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