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For Winnie.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I was riding home with my mom. My new dog was in my lap, awkwardly looking around. I asked my mom, “Roxie or Winnie?” She replied, “She doesn’t look like a Roxie....” Winnie it was.

That was the first time Winnie gave me her look. I’ve seen it a million times, and it’s one I’ll wish I could see forever. Her eyes were the most expressive things on this planet. I could read every thought with that single look. For nearly 13 years, she continued to judge us with a mere look.





Those are the things I’ll miss the most about our weird duo.

12 and a half years is a long time. You watched me graduate high school, rebel, graduate college, have a baby, move, get married, bring home other animals, knowing in your tiny soul my world would still revolve around you. (When you weren’t running away.)

As long as you had the attention you demanded, you were always on board rather that be sleeping all day or adventures. And I thank you for that. I never knew how much I needed someone to sleep by my bed on nights I was alone; judge me when I polished off that bottle and made Alexa play pop music. Or simply have someone listen to me while I vented.

You were there through it all. Sometimes you stare was judgey and ruthless, but still, you were there.

I’m certain there will never be another animal (or even person) on this planet I can have a conversation with just by looking at each other. I’m positive if soulmates are real, you were mine in a tiny, awkward, grumpy package.

This isn’t goodbye. I won’t accept that. We were far too connected to only know each other a few short years. I’ll find you in another life, Winnie. So wait for me there. 💔

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