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Hello, friend. Welcome to my chaos.

We decided to have pizza night early this week.

For those of you that don’t live inside my head, our house has pizza night every Sunday. I’m actually really strict about this. You will be at the house eating pizza and playing board games or else!

Bringing it back to Saturday, here we are, eating pizza in a tent in our living room watching natgeo wild. It’s a total social media moment. I wanted so badly to snap a picture and post it because I was having a fantastic five minutes.


The last 23 hours and 55 minutes would make me a total hypocrite. I actually just poured a glass of wine and went to wash my face for about 7 minutes. That’s 7 times longer than it should take if you’re wondering.

Because today I was woken up by a hysterical 7 year old asking me to replace a guinea pig that died last year. (Who remembers that??) I was asked to dig for earthworms and scoot my chair close to the pool even after explaining I didn’t want to be splashed today. I didn’t have it in me.

Skipping past a few hours and several hundred incidents and “why”s, I actually started crying because I couldn’t get this tent assembled fast enough and my child was making ridiculously loud animal noises in the shower that was echoing through the house. If you know us, this doesn’t shock you, you’re probably giggling.

And you know what? After a good emotional breakdown, and taming this seven year old beast, it was a good day. So, here’s to crazy days and relaxing evenings.

Pour a glass of wine, enjoy the calm, and cross your fingers for the next pizza night to be a better one.

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