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Hold me accountable because this will be hysterical

Hello. My name is brittany and I’m a terrible mother, wife, friend, writer, and I’m going to cut the list off right there because this is getting embarrassing.

Despite my flaws, people still reach out, I’m assuming as a joke, to ask me to write a parenting book or any form of book about how I go through life.

Am I giving it a go? Absolutely not.


Time will tell.

You see, I’m shady. I have the best intentions, but things just don’t go as planned. I say I’m going to have three books out this year. Lies. I say I’m going be the Maryist damn Poppins the next day at 11 pm following a bottle of wine. Also lies.

The key is that I never give up trying. I write a chapter and delete it, but I tried. I print off a coloring sheet and write a sweet note beside a snack at 11 pm because I know I’m not a morning person but I still want my child to feel loved.

I try, dude, and this is what my random, never on time posts will be about. Trying to be better than me. Take what I tell you here and do the complete opposite. You can’t go wrong with that.

So you want to hear about my life with winnie, my parenting, my failed attempts to eat healthy, my general sarcasm and how I manage to keep myself alive all of these years? Keep reading. If nothing else, I promise you entertainment. And I give you my word, you’ll be entertained without edited pictures or Pinterest mom antics. Just me being me.

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