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I’m tired today.

I started this aspect of my blog to bring laughter and love to anyone who reads my posts. It’s disheartening that I even feel that I have to make posts like these, but I hope you can hear me and understand me and we can move past this and get to the lighthearted, good stuff.

I’m white. My son is white, black, and Hispanic. So I get it from all sides. I understand. I teach him about his heritage. All of it.

But I’ve never had to teach him anything like this. Possibly because he’s getting older and he understands now. Not that it doesn’t happen time and time again.

And you know why, as a white woman with a multiracial child, I’m perfectly okay with Black Lives Matter?

Because out of his three perfect pieces that make him who he is, the black side is the only side we have to have the hard talks about. Guess what? It isn’t degrading to our white side. It isn’t degrading to his Hispanic side.

So, please don’t call me a hypocrite. Don’t tell me he’s too young to talk to him about these things. Don’t tell me all lives matter, because, yeah, they should. Don’t come to my social media to fight with me. Don’t make racist comments. Don’t like racist comments. Don’t defend racism. Don’t BE racist.

And if any of what I said offends you? PLEASE look at yourself. If anything my friends say to defend me, PLEASE look at yourself. If you still think you’re right and I’m a horrible person, PLEASE remove yourself from my social media because I can’t continue to see hate. I can’t continue to have it thrown my way.

And if nothing I said wasn’t enough to persuade you to stop your hate, think about this: We’re making history. What side do you want to tell your grandkids you were on?

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