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Late night ramblings brought to you by insomnia

I’ve decided the worst thing about battling depression, anxiety, or any other mental torture is the fear of telling others.

It’s not that I’m ashamed; it’s worrying about everyone else. Putting yourself in their shoes when you know they have stuff on their plate. If a friend walked up to me now and was like “hey, I’m depressed and I want to talk to you about it,” would I spiral? Would I make someone spiral if I spoke up? I may never know.

I’m convinced if I sat a friend down and talked to them about my life, they would suffer from second hand trauma and have to be seen by a psychiatrist immediately. (Maybe that was a little dramatic.)

All anyone of us can do is keep fighting through the bad times. There’s always a light, and mine comes tomorrow. My little one starts school again. We both need it so much. He needs to socialize, learn, and have a schedule. I need to work, exercise, get on a schedule, and honestly, have a minute alone everyday to work on myself. I’m hoping after a few days, we will be back to almost normal.

So, here’s to the light at the end of my tunnel. I hope you help me. Because, oh my god, I need it.

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