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Mental Health

The average person doesn’t think about masks the way I do. Not the psychology side anyway. There are very few people in this whole world that know I don’t like to talk sometimes, I don’t like listening to most music, sometimes I can’t sit down, I don’t want to smile. I just want to recharge in the peace and quiet of my own solitude. Usually when I slip about myself I’m responded with things like: “really? You seem like you like attention.” “You’re always happy.” “You’re social around me!” Wrong. I need breathers more than most people realize, especially during winter months, and I’m saying this because I know I’m not alone. Monday, I’ll pop back into my public self and jump all the ball with working out, eating healthy, writing, boutique, parenting, etc., but for now I’m going to have everything in my house turned off, have minimal contact with people, and recharge. None of us are we are in public. Nor on social media. Drill that in your head, and respect others masks.

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