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Social media sucks. Can I have a break?

I kind of hate social media. Someone needed to say it. Sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my friends and the fun side of it. I love all of your back to school pictures and silly memes.


It seems as if every time I log on, the fake aura is so thick, I could slice it with a knife.

One friend is posting bible verses after I’ve heard the most foul things spewed from her mouth about other women, I had to stop hanging out with her.

One is so determined to post “save the children” on her page for a few likes, she’s willing to forget what’s happening in her own backyard.

One is so set on “doing the right thing” that she’s turned bitter and often lashes out at everyone who simply disagrees.

The other is so set on posting perfect pictures of their “perfect spouse” to make us feel jealous, but I know about the affair.

That may have stepped on some toes, but I hoped it made you think.

I am what I am. A disaster. I don’t have a perfect marriage, child, life. Nothing about me is perfect. I’m weird, selfish, unorganized, and I have the worst past you can imagine.

And I’m kind of okay with that. Because, you know what, you’ll never be able to say “Brittany, you’re so much cooler online.” I am what you see here.

Friends, be who you are. I’ll accept you. The real you. Always.

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