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Texas Top Ten!

Brittanys Texas Top Ten

Let’s be honest, Texas is annoyingly proud. I can say that because I was bored in raised deep in the heart. From a completely biased point of view, there’s something amazing about a state that has deserts, hills, a coast, and swamps. We truly have it all.

If you can still read after all the eye rolls, check out my top ten favorites in Texas.

1 San Antonio

Specially, the Riverwalk. Bonus points for going in December while it’s decorated for Christmas.

I talk a lot about San Antonio because it’s truly one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. From the markets, to the Riverwalk, to Sea World, and The Alamo, this city truly has everything you need for the recipe for a perfect trip.

2 Fredericksburg

This is one of my very favorite places. Why you ask? Because I’m a foodie and winey and I love to look at old things.

Fredericksburg offers some of the best food and wineries around! This quaint, old town offers a main strip of shopping that is absolutely adorable and sure to make you stop for photo ops. Check out this town for a weekend, and thank me later.

3 Luchenbock

Do you like standing in the middle of the street having a drink while listening to a live band? If you answered yes to any of these questions, why are you still reading this? Go to Luchenbock right now!

It’s such a fun, historical town. You would think with a population of 3, it wouldn’t be lively, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! With a post office, a dance hall, live music playing all the time, and food trucks, it’s definitely a place to see!

4 Enchanted Rock

So many mixed emotions. I have anxiety and I’m scared of heights, so this was a huge challenge for me. Would I do it again? Nope. Am I proud I did it? Yup!

Enchanted Rock is a large rock outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. It offers many scenic trails around the rock, and if you’re brave enough, over the rock.

This is something the entire family can do. My mom encouraged me while I was panicking, and my six year old zoomed to the top without fear or running out of energy.

Grab your family and a tent and camp at one of the many sites. It is definitely a short trip worth experiencing.

5 Galveston

Oh, Galveston. Your water is ugly, but your city is like no other.

Beach ✔️

Amazing seafood✔️

Old haunted hotels✔️



All around, one of the best weekend getaways in Texas. In fact, right after my wedding, we drove straight there and stayed in The Steadmont House, which is one of my very favorites. It’s haunted and has large rooms and an amazing rooftop bar.

6 Dallas

Dallas is such a fun place to be! They have night life for adults and many places for kids.

Our favorite place is Dallas is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science! They have everything from permanent exhibits to temporary activities and exhibits. This amazing place kept us entertained for a reasonable price, too.

If you have more time in Dallas, check out other places like the Reunion Tower and Dinosaur Valley State Park!

7 The Stockyards

I had to throw this in for my 7 year old son. He’s obsessed. Stay on site and make sure you see as much as possible!

The Stockyards represent everything Texas is known for. It’s kind of a must. They have nightly rodeos, cattle drives down the streets, and you can’t forget to see Billy Bobs. If you go during the day, you can take the little ones, and they can see this famous building!

8 Houston

Okay, I’m partial to museums at this point, but Houston has some of the best!

Our favorites:

The Children’s Museum

The Holocaust Museum

The Space Center

The Museum of Natural Science

Aside from the coolest Museum District, Houston has a lot to offer. Especially for little ones. My son absolutely begs to go to their Zoo every year and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. With cool offers like city passes, you can take your family on a fun, affordable weekend trip to this fun city.

9 Austin

You can’t make a Texas trip list without mentioning the capital!

Obviously you have to visit the capital, the governors mansion, and all things historical. After you get those obligations out of the way, the fun can begin.

Sixth Street

(Detour to) Jacobs Well

Inner Space Cavern

Just to name a few! Austin is filled with so many things to do, especially for a family. The best part about it is that there are so many things to do outdoors which is a huge plus for our family.

10 Big Bend National Park

Hear me should go west at least once in your life. It’s an awful drive, extremely hot or cold depending on the month, dry, etc. but there’s something about the flat land and distant hills that make it amazing.

Especially Big Bend. I was amazed. Blown away. I kept thinking, there’s no way I’m still in Texas. It’s such a beautiful area tucked away in the corner of Texas that must be explored once in your life!

I love traveling as much as anyone on this earth. Fortunately I’ve realized there’s more to life than traveling thousands of miles. While I love doing that as well, it’s important to know what’s around you. This short list can be a lifesaver as summer break approaches with many cheap, close places to explore!

If you’re in Texas, you’re in luck. My top ten is just a drop in a bucket. There’s so much to do and see here. Don’t take my word for it, GO! Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, grab a tent and find your closest park. Make seeing new things a priority, and if you’re up for it, take my list with you on your adventures.

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