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Thank you <3

On August 9th I got in the bathtub with Winnie, knowing it would her last bath. I snapped a few pictures and took a video for memories.

I knew her life was coming to an end shortly. I couldn’t help but think about our last year together. It was truly the best one. How anyone can get rid of senior pets is beyond me. That’s the sweetest and most precious time I had with Winnie.

Feeling nostalgic, I posted a picture of our last bath and a note attached warning people not to get a dog if they couldn’t be there until the end. I had no idea that post would get more than 75,000 shares, 45

,000+ likes, some articles written, and so many people would reach out. I admit, I almost deleted it when that happened because I’m awkward and some people were mean.

But there were so many who showed me leaving it up was the right thing to do. I just want to say thank you to the ones who reached out, to the ones who sent and made gifts, to the sweet people who shared and the articles that were written. There was a lot of awareness brought to senior dogs and their rescues because of Winnie. You guys don’t know how much it has helped to know Winnie was loved by so many people. Thank you. 🖤

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