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Before you get that cute, full of life, puppy, imagine yourself 10+ years from now.

If your vision doesn’t involve throwing on a swimsuit to get in bathtub with your senior citizen dog because she’s having a bad day and scared, don’t do it.

If you can’t imagine cleaning up after them while they’re sick, don’t do it.

If you laugh at the thought of a person cooking meals JUST to make their fur child eat, don’t do it.

If you wouldn’t stay up all night, just to make sure they’re still breathing and have all they need, don’t do it.

If you can’t fathom the decision I’ll have to make soon, don’t do it.

She wasn’t always this grumpy old lady with demands. 12 years ago, she was a puppy and I was in high school. She was hyper, healthy, and full of life. It wasn’t always like this.

If you can’t handle end of life, don’t do it.

Author: Brittany Tarkington

Edited to add: I can’t believe I even have to say this, but please don’t steal or use my picture. Also, if you want to share, hit the share button. Please don’t use this as your own. PLEASE. It’s very personal to me as my dog passed the next day. I took this picture the night before she passed. I wrote this while she slept along with other posts about her. It’s just too personal to see this pop up on someone else’s page claiming it as their own. I hope you all understand. Thanks for the love and support for our senior babies. 💔

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