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The Winnie Chronicles. Part One.

Aubree Paige snapped this picture this morning after our awful, impromptu sleepover. I’m dying over it. We went in the store and left her. She refused to move, and I had to share the drivers seat with her.

If you don’t know her yet, meet winnie. We all think our animals are one of a kind, but this 1000% true with her. Don’t get it twisted. She’s not one of a kind in good ways. 🙈

I rescued this little terrorist while in high school. She’s 11 years old! She’s been through it all with me, but she’s hardly loyal. When things go south, she takes off.

I have a baby? She runs away.

I move? She runs away.

I leave her outside too long? She runs away.

While she loves me with all she’s capable of, she doesn’t like kids, loud noises, change, wet dog food, she needs me to stare into her eyes, she needs me to touch her constantly, and many more things.

She’s so awkward. She rarely sits. It’s her mission in life to make me and everyone around her uncomfortable. She stares at me, half hidden behind the couch for hours. She judges me. She judges you. She will snap if you get in her face. She shakes. Her ears are always on full alert and her eyes are usually wide and staring into your soul.

She is the definition of anxiety and the true meaning of a female dog.

I say all of this because just this morning Aubree told me that dogs take on the personality of their owner. And that wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this.

Excuse me while I profile myself and figure out what I can do to make changes in mine and Winnie’s life.

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