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I’ve had so many people I’ve known for years tell me they didn’t know I’m an author. I started thinking...I’m too secretive and antisocial. With that said, here’s a few fun facts about me!

1. I’m the proud author of six novels! I’m working on two now! 2. I’m a procrastinator. 3. I have a degree in Criminal Justice. The most excited I’ll ever be is when someone wants to talk about crime. 4. I’m married. He’s aight. 😉 5. My six year is smarter than I am. 6. I’m the most socially awkward person on this earth. 7. I’m almost impossible to get to know. 8. I’m so over the top dramatic. My world ends seventeen times a day. 9. If I could convert my anxiety into energy, I could save the world. 10. I’m a sensitive badass. That’s a thing. I act tough, but I’ll probably cry about it later. 11. I have a dark, dry sense of humor. 12. I’m a human sloth. 13. I’m a know it all, but I’m working on it. 14. I’m so stubborn, it drives me crazy. It’s not something I can turn off. 15. I’m a lot of things (mostly bad), but a follower isn’t one of those things. I do what I want, when I want, how I want, thinking what I want.

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